Start to Golf

Slowly but surely the elitist nature of golf disappears. Golf has been extremely popular in recent years. Thanks to Wii Sports, each one knows what a "birdie", or a "hole in one" is. The performance of our 3 compatriots Thomas Pieters, Nicolas Colsaerts, Thomas Debrah on the European Tour is becoming more and more the news and this fantastic sport is in the daylight. By the way, Thomas Pieters and Thomas Debrah have delivered our country a first victory in the World Cup of Golf in November 2018. How cool is that?

The "Start to Golf" initiative of the Flemish Association for Golf promotes the golf sport and every year a ' start to Golf' Day is organised. Everyone has a golfer in his circle of friends. In short, sooner or later you will come into contact with the golf sport. Interesting start-up packages are often offered to get acquainted with the golf sport. After such an introductory package, however, you will have to switch to a so-called "full membership".

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